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In my own therapy journey, I often experience the weaving together (integrating) of the young parts of me that had been wounded and lost their voice. The ongoing work of that integration helps me advocate for my needs, awakens my desire and creativity, and brings me a sense of connectedness and meaning in life.


While we work together, I hold in mind that your story contains many unique and complex threads. Our goal will be to weave those threads together into a tapestry of Self that holds healing, structure, and meaning, ultimately freeing you to bring your creativity to the world in the fullest way possible. 

The name itself I owe to a dear friend of mine who suggested it to me, knowing my love of all things yarn and the symbolic way that I experience life in this world. Thank you, Lindsay!

weaving photo.jpg

Here is a time lapse of my weaving process. Weaving helps me become aware of my thoughts/feelings and stay present to them in order to process.

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