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telehealth therapy for adults who have experienced . . .

- anxiety

- depression 

- grief & loss 

- family relationship issues

- life transitions

- spiritual & existential questioning

- religious abuse

- past domestic violence (no open court cases)



I'm so glad you're here. It takes incredible courage to begin the work of therapy. You've maybe been feeling some combination of fatigue, grief, worry, frustration, questioning - all building up for some time now. You don't have to carry this alone. I hold space for you to acknowledge the depth of your pain and extend kindness to all the parts of yourself that have helped you survive. 

In our sessions I will help you to attend to the messages that your body is sending. When we feel stuck in our anxiety, depression, or trauma, it shows up somewhere in our bodies: tense muscles, shortness of breath, pit in our stomach, lack of energy. As we acknowledge the messages that your body is sending and integrate the past and current experiences that are attached to those messages, you can begin healing your nervous system. And this healing will allow you to enjoy your life and relationships with renewed energy and creativity.


be easy. take your time. you are coming home to yourself.

nayyirah waheed

neuroplasticity and attachment

My relational psychotherapy with adults draws from attachment theory and neurobiology in order to provide relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma. The therapy process will help you increase your capacity for emotional regulation as you create new, healthy neural pathways through the experience of developing a secure attachment in the therapeutic relationship.

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